Elena Shumylo - designer, painter, decorator


About me


 Shumylo Elena is a member of the Creative Union of artists of Russia and the International Federation of Artists. Repeated participant of Russian fashion Week, Moscow. The author of nine collections pret-a-porte and collection Houte couture. The designer has collaborated with such brands as Stellina, Blizart , Festival,S&E


Fashion brand Elena Shumilo founded in September 2011. This is the second brand created by this designer. And was there 12 years of study: College, textile Academy and the international school of business, and years of working in the fashion industry.

The first collection of women's clothing was created by Elena in 1997, when she was a student of Textile Academy named Kosygin. This and subsequent 4 collection was designed in cooperation with and under the patronage of one of the largest textile mills of Russia "ORATEX". For any designer is a gift of fate - to be able to implement your own ideas, to experiment with fabrics, textures and forms. Years later, when Lena began to create clothes for the well-known Russian brands, this experience has proved invaluable.

In 2001 Elena takes part in fashion Week, Kaliningrad and then, in Riga, where the designer demonstrates the professionals to your collection in the style of ethno-punk "SHAMAN". It creates a corset made of wood, made in the technique of end-to-end thread, imitating lace fabric. Comes up with a skirt, top layer which gossip from natural hair and sealed with plates of gold leaf. Designer experimenting with textures, creating new fabrics made from natural hair, wood and beads.

Mark S&E (Shumilo&Elagina) appeared in January 2008. Partner Elena on the creation of S&E was the Moscow entrepreneur Olga Elagina. For more than 3 years of existence, the brand was released 5 collections, including the acclaimed Cross Roads and "Identification",. The last, "Identification", by Godfrey deeny - founder and chief editor of the leading Internet news Agency for the fashion press in the world, has identified as one of the three most notable among 60 collections exhibited at the Russian Fashion Week in the fall of 2009. After showing the design Duo Shumilo&Elagina was invited to the Russian fashion Festival in Milan. Objective evaluation of the work of designers were the results of the research consulting Agency Russian Watch Trends in March 2010, in accordance with which brand S&E has become one of the most successful Russian brands.

Despite universal recognition as the representatives of the fashion industry and buyers, Elena does not stop there, and in September 2011, the designer carries out his dream and creates its own brand of clothing Elena Shumilo.

Clothing from Elena Shumilo aimed at young successful woman, which is important, how it looks, not because it needs the other, but because it gives her inexhaustible energy and incredible strength to achieve new heights.

Currently the designer lives in Lyon (France) and its main activity is the creation of paintings, decor (furniture painting, decoupage, stained glass painting).